Linguistic Diversity: Empirical Perspectives

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Seminar Plan

Handouts, Exercises, and Texts

Introduction to the Seminar

The Function of the Seminar Website

This website, which is password-protected, serves to allow for a quick access of the major material which we will use during the seminar.

How can I prove my participation?

We follow the regulations of the Institut für Anglistik. Generally, I expect students to regularly attend the short weekly essay tasks.

How can I get a graded proof of participation?

You should best write a term paper and get in touch with me on this matter, so we can discuss this directly and also discuss when you should hand it in, and what topic you would choose.

How do our sessions proceed?

We aim for the time as indicated (Thursday 10-12). In this time, there will either be a video-chat, depending on the number of participants and the willingness to use tools like Skype or Zoom, or a video will be uploaded and a link will be shared. The seminar sessions won't last 1,5 hours, as they would be in normal time, since it is expected that this will cost too much energy during a video chat. For this reason, we will use extra time during the week, when we communicate individually via email on specific questions, or in groups, to make up for the lack of seminar time. Students can also arrange either individual meetings, organized as walks outside in fresh air and healthy distance, or via video chat to either discuss contents of the seminar, or specific plans of the students related to linguistic typology and empirical approaches in linguistics.