RhyAnT: Rhyme Annotation Tool

This Rhyme Annotation Tool allows you to annotate rhymes in poems interactively, following the inline format described in List et al. (2019).. To get started, just paste a poem in text form (separate stanzas by empty lines) into the text field on the left and press ESCAPE. This will render the poem in interactive mode on the right. In order to annotate your poem, select a rhyme from either the Active Rhymes in the panel on the right, or choose a New Rhyme by clicking it. Then go back to the poem and click on all those words which you want to assign to the same rhyme pattern. You will see that at the same time while you are editing the rhymes interactively, they will also be modified in the text field on the left. If you double-click or right-click on a word, you can split it, so you can assign rhymes to different syllables. If you click on the handle on the left of each line, you can join words (adding an underscore) in order to mark them as larger rhyming units.

If you use this tool in this beta stadium, please quote it as follows:

List, Johann-Mattis (2020): RhyAnT: A tool for interactive rhyme annotation. Version 0.2.0 Jena: Max Planck Institue for the Science of Human History. URL: https://digling.org/rhyant/

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